Accessories to the playgrounds
add an additional and unlimited possibilities for playing and development 

They can be attached to any bar at any side of the playground which always gives your child a new and exciting experience

Accessories for additional protection give your child the most safe and comfortable experience

Made from natural wood

Lots of variants of use. Can fit for both young children and the ones slightly older

Junior set of accessories

For the youngest users. Slide for playing and prevention of flat feet, rings and a rope for training coordination and swing just for fun.

Game set of accessories

For the most active games. Learning to balance on the balance beam and prevent flat feet walking by its opposite side, sliding on the slide and climbing or rolling toys on it, hanging on the rings, climbing or swinning on rope with supports

Sport set of accessories

For advanced athletes. Rings for sports tricks, disk-swing for muscle training, rope ladder for balance and agility, slide just for games.

Wooden slide

The slide can be used to as a track not only for sliding down but also for climbing up. A kid will learn how to maintain balance and climb up the sloping surface. Dimensions: 113 cm х 39 cm.

Double-sided playground slide

Smooth side – surface for sliding down and climbing back up. The side with zigzag bars – a playing surface for small balls, toy cars etc and for climbing up. Dimensions: 113 cm х 39 cm.

Wooden climbing wall

Intended to strengthen all muscle groups, to develop coordination and agility and to train the vestibular system. The openings take the form of geometric shapes: a triangle, square or polygon. The ridges are made from multicoloured pieces, allowing a child to learn both geometric shapes and colours.

Suspended swing

This swing can be hung from any sturdy bar. Made from natural wood and coated with a child-safe lacquer, the swing looks stunning in any interior. Can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Suspended swing with a backrest

It can be used on any bars onto which it can be suitably attached. This wooden swing is fitted with a comfortable backrest, and the side bars allow a child to feel safe.

Wooden trapeze

It can be used on any bars onto which it can be suitably attached. The trapeze can be used as a bar for hanging or swinging on or like addidional moving bar with the palyground.

6-rung rope ladder

At first a child will learn how to pull himself or herself up, then he or she starts to learn how to climb up the unstable rope ladder. This accessory allows a child to develop movement coordination and agility while also strengthening the core muscles.

Double rope ladder

A rope ladder with two sets of crossbars! It is possible to move in two directions on the ladder: left/right and up/down. The long ropes allow the ladder to be attached at the top or bottom.

Vestinular rope ladder

The ladder is constructed to be an ideal training tool to develop the coordination and vestibular system. Teach your young athlete opposite limb movements: the right arm with the left leg and vice versa. This improves his or her coordination and promotes brain activity.

Tree ladder

The arrangement of the rungs in a chequerboard pattern will aid your child in developing his or her coordination, while the lateral direction of movement has a positive influence on the development of both brain hemispheres.

Climbing rope

Used as an unstable platform for maintaining balance. You can hang on a rope, swing, climb from one side of the playground to the other.

Skipping rope with wooden handles

Playing with a skipping rope is a traditional children’s pastime. The comfortable handles are ideally suited to children’s small hands. Can be used on its own.

Climbing rope with supports

A traditional rope with additional wooden supports. This will allow children to learn the complex movement of rope climbing with ease. The supports are rounded in shape to ensure their safety.supports. The child learned to climb the rope by the help of the supports

Wooden rings

Fits for any playground of any size. Develops coordination and agility


A perfect tool for developing coordination, agility and strength. Utilizes almost all body muscles

Punching bag

This children’s punching bag is intended for active games that develop coordination. It can be used on any bar onto which it can be suitably attached.

Round seesaw

This accessory was designed to develop a child’s movement coordination and vestibular system and also to strengthen his or her core muscles. To begin with, a child can learn to balance by sitting down or lying on his or her stomach, then stend up holding the support. The seesaw can be used on its own.

Rectangular seesaw

The size of the seesaw is well suited for a child’s leg. We recommend starting your acquaintance with the seesaw, holding on to the support

Balance beam

Can be used in two positions: on the flat side and on the round side. Excellent prevention of flat feet and training of the arch of the foot. Recommended by osteopaths and doctors.

Safety mat

You can place it outside the frame or under the slide for aaditional safety of your child. Dimensions: 0.5 х 1.0х 0.05 m

Tradezoid mat

It is used when you rotate the playground to repezoid side to make it always safe.

Gymnastics mat

For KIDWOOD climbing frames (Zebra, Sailor, Dominoes, Rocket). Mat dimensions: 1 х 1 х 0.05 m.

Wooden GORODKI set

The GORODKI set consists of five small wooden posts and two bats. To play the game, you have to throw the bat from a particular distance and knock down the ‘towns’, that is to say the pins, represented variously by the five wooden cylindrical columns, or ‘dummies’, which have also come to be known as ’little towns’ (‘gorodki’ in Russian). GORODKI can be played both outside and at home.

Wooden ring toss with 5 rings

This is an eco-style ring-toss game. Traditional way to play – throw the rings over pegs. The pegs on the ring toss game are of different sizes, this allows the game to be played by inventing various new games.